Tactical Gear Stand Project

Posted March 29th, 2011 by Dr. Jerry Montgomery



Sgt. Luke Hatfield and the body armor stand I made for him.

American soldiers, law enforcement personnel and folks who play military simulation games like Airsoft and Paintball wear heavy body armor. In recent years I’ve built a large private collection of body armor used in Iraq and Afghanistan and learned that it takes some doing to store or display this life-saving gear.

A while ago I found a video on YouTube of a simple gear stand for that gear. Unfortunately, when I built a replica of the video’s stand, it didn’t work very well … so I spent some time re-thinking the entire design. When you click on the hyperlink below, it will open up a PDF file of the result of my efforts to design a low cost, easy to use and easy to build stand for storing and displaying heavy tactical gear. Now I have an eye-catching display of my body armor collection and I’m sharing the idea with soldiers.

Soldiers in the Joint Base Lewis McChord area are invited to contact me. If they will provide the boards, we can build a stand in under two hours in my garage.

my  'soldiers'

my ‘soldiers’


Here are the plans to build the stand:  Plans to build a Tactical Gear Stand

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