A young minister interviewed for the pastorate of an older congregation. The Search Committee reviewed his resume’, education and credentials. They liked what they saw and asked the young man to preach a sermon so the congregation could evaluate his public speaking skills. He preached an impassioned message from First Corinthians 13, about love. Every part of his sermon was perfect. The toughest members of the congregation felt stirred and inspired. The homily was nothing short of sensational. The church hired him. But, after he was installed, he continued to preach the exact same sermon every week for months. Each homily was just as stirring as the first time he’d preached it, but the congregation began to grumble, saying they wanted a different sermon. The church board called their new pastor into a special meeting and asked him a number of questions, trying to discern the reason behind the repetition of his single sermon about love. They inquired: Do you have other sermons? Is this all you ever preach about? Do you know there are other subjects in the Bible?, and so forth. “Yes, of course,” he said, “I know there are other subjects in the Bible. You’ve read my resume’. You know my education and reputation. I have hundreds of sermons, and I am anxious to preach them!” And with a grin he said, “I can hardly wait to share them with this congregation.” Puzzled, they asked, “So then, why don’t you preach us another sermon?!” The new rector looked around the room, gave up an easy smile and with a gentle tone said, “Well . . . when we get this one down, we’ll move on to the next one.”