Psalm 84. Happy are the people whose strength is in you! whose hearts are set on the pilgrims’ way.

Pilgrims are people on a journey of worship to a place where God has been seen to act. The destination is not what is most important; where God has been encountered may or may not be a famous place of visions or healing. What is important for us as pilgrims is that we have set our hearts on a journey toward God.
Our church can be a holy site for us. As we sit in the pews, we breathe in the years of prayer still in the air. We look around and remember how Christ has been present in our lives, in our neighbors’ lives. The ritual of praying, hearing God’s words, receiving gifts, and giving thanks nourishes us and provides the map for our heart’s journey outside the building.

But the church should not be our only holy place. At the end of the service we proclaim that we are going forward into the world, loving and serving the Lord with each step, guided by the Holy Spirit. As pilgrims, we continually travel and we worship God as we go.

~ Forward Day By Day Meditation August 26, 2012